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At Magnificient Maid, we understand how difficult it can be to fit housework into your busy schedule. That’s why we offer cleaning services in Chicago that re-energize your home and give you back the time to enjoy more of life’s moments. Any company can make a house look clean, but our team will ensure your space feels as great as it looks. Our name is backed by four decades of experience and we have the advanced processes that deliver exceptional results.

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Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaning services are designed specifically for individuals living in apartments or smaller living spaces.

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Holiday Cleaning

Holiday cleaning services are typically offered to help homeowners prepare their homes for special occasions and celebrations such as holidays, family gatherings, or parties.

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House Cleaning

House cleaning services are similar to residential cleaning services and typically cover the cleaning needs of single-family homes or larger residences.

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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning services focus on using environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices that are safe for both the inhabitants of the home and the environment.

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Maid Service

Maid services can be scheduled on a recurring basis or as a one-time cleaning service based on your needs.

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Move-in/out cleaning services are designed for individuals or families who are transitioning into a new home or leaving one.

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